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Paros Greece - Antiparos Island
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Accommodation directory Paros Greece

κεικ σοκολατενιο ευκολο Welcome to the official website of the Union of Holiday Rentals Associations of Paros & Antiparos Islands. Here you will find all affiliated rooms, studios & apartments for rent in Paros & Antiparos. Browse through our extensive and unbiased members' listings to find the most suitable accommodation for your holidays.

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Paros Island

αγροτικά προϊόντα φπα Various events take place on Paros & Antiparos throughout the year. Traditional festivals, on the occasion of seasonal or historical events, often matching the commemoration of a patron saint, are feasts with plenty of food, wine, folk music and dance. Also Paros is gradually becoming a center for the arts where numerous cultural events take place throughout the year: exhibitions of painting and sculpture; music, dance and theatrical performances.

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Rooms & Apartments rentals

παιδικοσ σταθμοσ μεγασ αλεξανδροσ θεσσαλονικησ Paros & Antiparos are two bright islands of the Cyclades, with picturesque landscapes, deep blue seawaters and peaceful white architecture. Today, Paros & Antiparos are popular islands thanks to their original magic which includes a rich history, a carefree lifestyle, a hospitable natural and social environment, an enticing countryside with an active rural life and abundant sandy beaches.

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γλωσσα στ δημοτικου τετραδιο εργασιων απαντησεις ενοτητα 4 Paros has countless beaches, ranging from long and sandy to very small, popular and more isolated ones, featuring beach clubs, umbrellas and sun beds or offering unspoiled natural beauty. It could be said that there are beaches on Paros & Antiparos to suit every taste.


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